Membership plugins to use with wordpress

I have developing a membership site with paid email newsletters. The website will work like this.

There three membership plans : basic, intermediate and advance. the user after choosing the plan has to choose the duration like 1 week 1 month and 3 months.

Based on that criteria i will send email newsletters throught mailchimp. For example Advanced user receives all emails i will send on mailchimp. Intermediate user receives less and basic less than intermediate. i must be able to filter…

Membership plugins to use with wordpress

How soon should I form a LLC?

So I did affiliate marketing like 5 years ago, was pretty good at it, but then my degree and job took over. Well I'm back with plenty of seed money and making this my full time job. My question is can I just go ahead and work as an individual for a while as I sort out my tax options or do I have to take care of that asap?

Obviously it's highway robbery if I don't form something like a LLC (i'm in california so already being robbed ha). Not asking for how to do it, or what's better, I plan…

How soon should I form a LLC?

post don’t show up in hashtags (aka “I’m not private you A.H.!!”)

as said, when I publish a photo it'll show up in the hashtags only for people that already follow me, other people won't see it. It's like ig thinks my profile is private, but it is not! The profile is more than a year old and never used bot or other stuff on it.

I tried the following:
– reverted to personal account from businness
– switched private on and off again
– suspended the account for 48h

nothing worked. If I make an API request (like…

post don't show up in hashtags (aka "I'm not private you A.H.!!")

Free 1000+ Words Spun Article For Your Tier 1 & Tier 2

Here's What I'm Offering ;

– 1000+ word spun article based on your keyword for your tier 1 & tier 2

– The article will be highly related because we scrape for articles on the keyword level (not niche-level like many content provider)

– At least 90% passed copyscape

– We provide the spintax format to use with tools such as GSA, RankerX, SENuke, etc

– The article will be readable, but will not make sense since the purpose is to feed the engine

– For now we only accept max 10…

Free 1000+ Words Spun Article For Your Tier 1 & Tier 2

Best paid hosting?

I'm a little confused on picking a host! Anyone have any tips to point me in the right direction? I plan to have a few different niches on my site where I write content about all of them, so probably a good amount of videos and images. Also, I'm hoping eventually to have one or two eBooks for sale, so I'd want to add a payment processor. I need something that won't make the site sluggish, so willing to pay for quality.

Quick Instagram question.

So I have this niche related account with 10k real followers I haven't touched in like a good while. I'm pretty sure I can get it growing fast as hell when I start uploading again, and probably have 75-100k by the end of February.

What is the easiest, best less saturated way to profit off this account, or others like it? If anyone could drop a hint I'd be grateful. Thankyou!