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Currently making 100$ / day – Need Few Partners To Scale


I’m promoting an affiliate product (kinda adult niche) that paying me 30$ per sale.

it’s super easy generating sales with my methods and all of them are free (Facebook / twitter / ig / tinder accounts)

The problem is that I can personally manage 5-7 accounts max, and the potential to expand is huge.

I need someone who has employees or own an office of workers which they can be TRUSTED! I used to hire few VAs but had bad luck and they just keep stealing my method. Something locally…

Currently making 100$ / day – Need Few Partners To Scale

Simple question about Aliexpress Dropshipping

Hi guys,

I'm planning to start an aliexpress dropshipping business, my question is:

How I could import aliexpress shipping terms?

I'm especially referring at shipping delivery time because that is very variable from country to country and for manually setting up I think it takes lots of time for every product.

If someone knows an easier way any help would be appreciated,
sorry for my english, hope everybody will understand what I meant.

Garcinia Cambogia Indian Resellers.


I am looking for online or offline resellers of garcinia cambogia in India.

Product Details :-

Garcinia Capsules bottle
75% HCA
Shrink wrapped
Gov approved (All legal formalities are done)
MOQ : 10


Prices is very low but margin is good but according to Indian market and currency. Contact me for price. I prefer offline resellers. But if you can sell online you can contact me.

Dont PM for selling traffic services.

[Journey] From homeless to a normal life and now new goals!

Hi all BHW members,

First of all, my English isn't that good because i didn't have any education since I was homeless. This journey I'll keep you all updated about how I try to make a little more money so I can afford buying a simple car and do some nice things in the weekend.

Short introduction of my life:
So as you maybe read in my Title I became homeless when I was 18 years old. When I reached the age of 19 I decided I need to change my life. I don't want to…

[Journey] From homeless to a normal life and now new goals!

10 Years Old UK Adsense Account Needs Traffic Partner/s

Looking for a partner/partners who can sense traffic to my adsense ads. Profit split is negotiable depending on the amount of potential revenue and risk to my account. UK or US based partner/partners preferred, but ideally happy with speaking to me over the phone/skype to gain trust. My account has paid out £6000 over the last 10 years. Skype me sapmi23, or pm me, if you know a profit can be made

Pinterest Bot


Is there any current pinterest bot for pinning, following, following someone else's followers, pin by hashtag etc that works? So far the ones i found dont work.


Health review sites still worth to do?

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I plan to do review sites releated to health niches but when I do researches, I find this site ranking 1st or 1st page on various health 'review' keywords. If custormer see this site, they will still buy Clickbank product? So What I am worrying about is health review sites still worth to do? still can make money from health reviews sites? look forward your replies. Thanks.