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Does Instagram have any sort of ROI?

Hey all, I'm new here (as you can probably see). I have an Instagram account currently at 4K gaining about 1K followers bi-weekly (~500 per week). As I am progressing further along with the account, I was wondering if Instagram had any sort of ROI for the time spent growing and maintaining it. I know about affiliate marketing and some of the things you can do with a large audience. How do you guys make money off of Instagram? Do you have any custom methods you use or tips about where I'm…

Does Instagram have any sort of ROI?

Russian SEO

Hi everybody, I need help with SEO in Russian. I have a site in Russian that I want to rank better in Google and Yandex as well as improve on social media (Facebook and Vkontakte).

Does anyone here know of a site or offer an SEO service in the Russian language?

I’v been reaching out to bloggers in my niche

I have a ecommerce site, based around clothing, but have never really indulged in SEO, this weekend I have been reaching out to bloggers, to ask for a guest post.

the ones who get back to me are asking for around £50 – £150 for a post with a do follow link, the link will not be on the homepage for long, if at all.

these site are not that great, average PA and DA of twentysomthing and perhaps 10RD

Is this what I can expect to pay per link, or are their better opportunity's to be had?

Need Forex writer for a package of 20 articles

I need well researched content in the forex/finance fields. The articles must be extremely engaging and informative. Need up to 1k words.

* Research and write in a compelling and engaging style.
* Provide one to 2 images with each article.
* 100% Original
* No Grammar issues
* Must be post ready without me touching it.

If not fluent and understand the English language – do not apply

Please only tested finance expert.

Skilled PHP/MySQL coder wanted


I need a freelancer to modify an existing marketplace script.

You are required to read and agree a Non-disclosure agreement before starting the work.

Good PHP knowledge is required. The marketplace is connected to a local MySQL server.

You need to have exprerience on Bitcoin and bitcoind.

The modification and testing is ranging from 2 days to a week for a skilled coder.


I’m a model

I'm a real model i'm not fake
I want to increase my instagram traffic for help me to find sponsors
I've heard that web marketing experts have blogs where to post their instagram profile.
How can I do to increase my instagram traffic?


real traffic not fake..

Weird bouncing in SERPs

I have this weird problem for some of my main keyword pages (mostly my 2nd tier pages thankfully). The pages will sit around the top 5 on page 1 for a day, then completely disappear for a day or 2, then come right back where they were before. This has happened for a while now (my site is about 9 months old, but I have really noticed it the past couple of months since I have really gained in the SERPs). Before I thought this was normal behavior and "getting out of the sandbox".

The weird…

Weird bouncing in SERPs