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Hi there,

I've been here a while, but somehow never posted anything. I just quit my day job and planing to take a few months off. I made a couple of bucks on internet marketing a few years ago and planing to give it one more go. I'm an experiences software dev from Poland and hope will be valuable to the community.

Keyword Research – Advice/Feedback?

How do I KW research the right way? I've been checking out a few threads on BHW, and this is how I understand it. (There are many methods – But this is the one I'll be using)

1. I think of 30 keywords that I think might be good for my website
2. I check them in the Google Keyword Planner tool and they have to be within 2-8K monthly searches.
3. Then I check Google Keyword Planner for related keywords to those I brainstormed and I pick out 5-8 keywords that looks good to me –
Going for long…

Keyword Research – Advice/Feedback?

New and Questions

Hi, joined a bit ago but havent posted.
Heres my main thing. I have LOTS of time on my hands, 3 laptops and a desktop and am looking to just make some pocket cash on the side. Nothing major, just some extra money.

Now I literally have ZERO clue whats going on here, and I need to learn. Im looking for direction and tips and would appreciate any help


Recent FL (followliker) issues

Is anyone else seeing a ton of new errors/issues with FL recently?

I've been keeping an eye on BHW over the past week but I'm not seeing any real threads on straighforward issues… more alternatives to other services getting shut down.

I've got a few accounts getting errors. (before last week, everything was smooth as butter)

Anyone else seeing problems on their side?