The end of keyword stuffed on-site SEO is near.

Google is implementing an AI known as RankBrain to intemperate WHAT a searcher's query is REALLY looking for. Its only handling 15% of searches now, but it no longer displays results simply based on matching keywords. It tries to guess INTENT, and may deliver pages that completely ignore the keywords searched and instead deliver content on the topic of the search term. This also tells me that Google is…

The end of keyword stuffed on-site SEO is near.

A New Website, How Many Time Takes to Get a Top on Google Through Black Hat SEO?

Hi world,

I'm new here, I know that it's very difficult for a website to be on a top on the search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. when your website doesn't have a lot's of traffic and the relevant backlinks specially for the tour and travels related website.

So please suggest me if we do Black Hat SEO then what are the pros and cons. And how many times will take website to get on a top in search engine via using black hat SEO techniques.
I'm waiting your reply…

Thank You


First time doing an affiliate site

Hello everyone,

This is my first journey doing an affiliate site.
The niche I have chosen is "gaming hardware" because it's my hobby and because I have found some nice medium tail keywords with around 2-4k researches per month and low-medium competitivity.
I'm reading everything I can about SEO and on-page optimization.

I started with no investment (not including domain + host) but I'm ready to invest if it is necessary.

This is my first time doing an affiliate site, I'm a complete…

First time doing an affiliate site

[Refer Me QA] Share suitable profiles – ,Hyderabad

1) Rational Performance Testing 2)QTP 3)DevOps Testing (High Priority ) 4)Performance Testing on e-commerce applications (for our UAE client)

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A few questions before I start…

Hey there!

I was just wondering a few things before I start…

Let's say I want to rank for the keyword (I'm just giving an example, not the actual keyword):
– "totally free psn codes"

Will Google only recognize this keyword if it's written like "totally free psn codes" or will my site also be ranked for the keyword if I type it like "Totally Free: PSN Codes" or "Totally Free – PSN Codes". Does Google ignore semicolons and dashes or are the two phrases above determinted as two separate…

A few questions before I start…

This Year’s Fad Toy Is…

these are selling for thousands on ebay. if you can get some you can turn a quick profit.

Hatchimals Are Must-Have Toys This Holiday Season:
How Can You Get Your Hands On One?


When it comes to the gifts that your kids are going to want this holiday
season, Hatchimals is going to be at the top of the list. Hatchimals are
really cute toys that children…

This Year's Fad Toy Is…