(This headline has been silenced by fear.)

5 stars

Mini Review:

It’s a brilliant idea to shock the audience into silence. I watched the whole film with my fingers over my mouth. John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe are brilliant. 

Main Review:

In real life, there are puppy videos, Cute and cuddly. In A Quiet Place, there are Predator/Stranger Things type aliens that will seek you out and kill you.

In real life, you can scream when you watch horror films. You better A Quiet Place with your hands over your mouth or your heart might pop out, make that dhak dhak sound and the aliens will hear your heart beating, find you and kill you. 

In real life, you wear Stilletoes that sound awesome on the floor. In A Quiet Place, you walk barefoot, hoping your bones don’t creak…

In real life, you have friends who tell you jokes that make you laugh. In A Quiet Place, they would have been the first one to go, and then you. Because you laughed.

In real life (in ordinary movies), when women have babies, there is a mandatory scene where they are shown to scream and writhe in agony, the midwife runs out of the hut (or the nurse comes out of the hospital room), shouts, ‘Ladka Hua Hai!’ (it’s a boy!) and the whole village bursts out into song. In A Quiet Place, the baby is not even allowed a gurgle…

In real life, Bollywood has songs so you can step out for a coffee. In A Quiet Place you are frozen in you seat too terrified to go to the loo.

A Quiet Place is scarier than the Velociraptors. More vicious than any space aliens like in Prometheus, and more terrifying than your mom when you break a house rule. You will see some obvious contrivances in the narrative, but then you are too terrified to say anything.

Watch this film. And make sure the power on your phone is turned off. The creatures in A Quiet Place can hear you.

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