Nine Days To Remove Kevin Spacey. And What An Awesome Removal!

3.5 stars

Mini Review:

Sometimes the real stories behind the movies are so awesome that you are forced to watch the film with awe. This is how I watched Christopher Plummer transform himself from the dashing Captain Von Trapp who waltzes with Maria to this covetous, miserly billionaire. Michelle Williams is a worthy adversary to the old man, and makes this film a superb watch.

Main Review:

Director Ridley Scott should take a bow for taking a stand against
the sexual predator Kevin Spacey. After having shot the entire film which
was ready for release in December, when accusations against
Kevin Spacey popped up, Scott re-shot the portions with
Christopher Plummer. Nine days. It is reported.
The result is brilliant.

Christopher Plummer plays billionaire J Paul Getty,
who made his money from Saudi oil (he purchased a tract
of land between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) and by building
great tankers who would bring the crude oil to his businesses
in the Oklahoma and the rest of the world.

Plummer is quietly menacing as Getty, calmly defending the title
of his book, ‘Any fool can become rich, I know how to stay rich.’
He tells the press: If I were to pay the 17 million dollar ransom
for my kidnapped grandson, I would end up having 14 kidnapped

The film is about the kidnapping of his grandson, and how
he negotiated his return. And how even after paying the
ransom, he ensured he received a tax break. Michelle Williams
plays the role of the distraught daughter-in-law whose son
J Paul Getty the 3rd (Pauly) is kidnapped while in Rome.

The film gets a little stretched when they show the interaction
between Pauly and his kidnappers. It is a tad unbelievable
that a bunch of ragtag robbers first kidnap the lad then
sell him to the mafia. You also begin to wonder why they’d want
to ‘fatten’ him…And Mark Wahlberg, what does he really do
in the film?

Enough spoilers.

Michelle Williams was bordering on boring in the film released
just last week (The Greatest Showman), so I wasn’t expecting
anything. But she shines, and how! ‘They want me to cry?’
she asks in rage that is beautifully understated. And the last shot
of the film, is sublime. Worthy of an Oscar.

Watch it also for how wonderfully the decadent 70s are brought
alive on screen. Made me want to wear bell bottoms again,
but then I was glad that style went out before everyone
earned their mum shapes and dad bods…

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