Big Bang In The Avengers Universe

4 stars

Mini Review: 

Five Stones that make Thanos – the villain you have heard about and seen in the shadows in other Avengers movies – so powerful he can and does destroy anything and everything he touches. The danger to the universe is so great, the film brings all the heroes together in one big film. The one liners are super funny, the action is super amazing, the situations are super jaw-dropping and you end up being super emotional at galactic speeds. You emerge wobbly from the experience.

Main Review:

Thanos is big, evil, and way too powerful for a couple of Avengers. And you’ve seen in the posters, the assembly is just mind-blowing. His evil minions are creepily scary and even then the funny one liners stop you from shivering from the inside.

The entry of each of these heroes is so well written, you cannot but whoop and cheer. You leave behind any dignity you claim to possess and do the Saurav Ganguly shirt waving at the screen so many times, you are grateful that it was a mental thing only. 

Please understand also that bottling your emotions doesn’t work either. You have had years of investing in your favorite Avenger. You know their power stance, you know how they fight (Hulk Smash! Thor’s Hammer! Wakanda Forever! Dr.Strange’s space holes to disappear into) and all of a sudden you are crying because of the awful things unfolding on the screen. It’s like Thanos just strangled you. 

Also the story about Infinity Stones is nothing new really. You have seen similar things before, so that sort of tarnishes the stars a bit. Also, Thanos has this really weird chin which is a great distraction. And because there’s such a smorgasbord of Avengers in front of you, there is not enough time to focus on your favorites. But the worst offenders are the CGI monsters in the Wakanda fight. They’re like adding numbers to fight the Wakandan army. And they really don’t matter.  

The action on the film is divided into two worlds and so is your attention. And you think you are watching two different films. So don’t blink, or you will miss out on the relentless action. If there had been no music with the action, it would have been a crazy football like commentary in Arabic you heard when Salah was making those amazing goals:

As you can see, I am trying my hardest to not tell you what happens. And I know the first weekend is booked out completely at your nearest IMAX theater for a 3D. Just have patience and you will be rewarded. 


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