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Unkle, Ab Bas!

1 star

Mini Review:

Mike and Marcus who gave us mad buddy cop movies are suddenly old. Not in the movie, but really. No amount of Miami flash is going to help them. In fact, they look like they’re part of a Florida retirement home than South Beach hot rods. And the film even more so. It’s predictable, and the formula is tired. It’s like watching a bad Hindi action film in wearying slow motion.

Main Review:

The movie starts like 100% action movies do, with a car chase. With Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the car doing the ‘one is speeding and the other is frightened of speed’ routine’. We’re not told who they’re chasing. But then cops are chasing them. That’s old as the hills. Then you see that they’re driving around the same area again and again. 

Aaaaah! Cho Chweet! They drove like that because Martin Lawrence was going to become grandpa. We like our heroes to break rules, but when the cops chasing our heroes don’t show up behind them grinning or taking them away in handcuffs as it happens in other movies, we are shown a prison break

The prison break is really well done. I sit up! This is wow!

But what follows is just a paint by numbers buddy cop action movie.

1. Buddy cops are estranged because one wants to retire and the other thinks he’s invincible.

2. Invincible cop gets shot. Buddy is retired.

3. Team chips in, invincible cop takes time to become team player.

4. More people get shot.

5. Team has to track one bad guy who makes those ‘special bullets’.

6. Invincible cop botches operation. More people die. Buddy is still retired.

7. Bosses disband team. 

8. Invincible cop stares at sunset decides to go at it alone.

9. Buddy cop comes out of retirement.

10. The team shows up too, for final fight. Good guys win. Bad guys die.

It’s Abbas Mastan so gaye thay type action, but then there is this awful  ‘Luke, I am your father!’ moment.

Mexican people again are shown to be witches and mumbo jumbo black magic followers. Seriously, Hollywood? Live and Let Die is older than the hills!

One last thing, is there any Will Smith movie where his face doesn’t get swollen up? Ab bas karo unkle.

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