Review: DEADPOOL 2

No Holy Cows Here!

4 stars

Mini Review: 

Deadpool is back. More irreverent than before and even more over the top when it comes to rules. Fourth wall? What is it? It remains shattered. The story? Gets wilder and crazier by the minute. And if you get all the references, you’ll be sitting in the theater like I did, with a grin on my face…

Main Review:

Juggernaut is a villain naam ke waaste! Our superhero is the motormouth, decimating every holy cow with impunity. And that’s why you have to pay attention to what he’s saying. You grin and you grin and grin some more. As the references get meaner and hence funnier you realise that there’s so much comic timing at work here, even though you don’t see his face as he’s delivering those wicked lines. You know he’s as deadpan as it gets. I loved, loved, loved the writing. Especially the references to Cher!

The action in Marvel movies has been turned into a fine art. But with Deadpool, you can be ready for mayhem. But before you go,’Thanos!’ you see dismemberment, slashing and bodies lying in the wake of a superhero who does not stop yakking!

We are casually introduced to the bad guy Cable, who seems to be part human, part machine, part magnet, part softy (Awww! He carries a teddy bear!)…

You will fall in love with Domino whose superpower is Luck…And there’s Zeitgeist, Vanisher, Bedlam and Peter. You have so much fun watching them join Deadpool’s X-Force (because ‘X-Men’ is so not gender neutral!). The idea that somebody lists ‘hurling acid’ as their superpower should make you smile.

Deadpool offers to go on a mission with the X-Men and Colossus reminds him, ‘No Killing!’ and discovers Russell who calls himself Fire Fist…

The story then moves from Deadpool wanting to kill himself to saving the lad to saving the planet. Things escalate so quickly and with so much irreverence that we laugh crazily enough to dislodge your neighbor’s popcorn. The writing doesn’t spare anyone, including Wolverine’s ‘Fix The Timeline’!

Ryan Reynolds is a violent, foul-mouthed savior and he makes for a great hero (what’s not to love?!) because every person in the audience is wishing they could also speak their minds in their own lives.

Watch the film. I’m going to watch it in Hindi! Hope it is as brilliantly written as the English one!

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