Going Into The Further Is Less Creepy Now. The Demon Is Boring. But Chills, YESSSS!

2.5 stars

Mini Review:

Real life is so scary, horror films are slowly losing their appeal. That said, Insidious has always made me happy because the heroine of the series is not Jessica Alba (whose clothes get caught and fall apart) and has really cool psychic abilities (always wanted to earn that ‘I See Dead People’ tee shirt). This film loses its charm because they explain too much, and you sort of predict the outcome. This could be the last of Elsie’s. Or not.

Main Review:

I smiled each time they said, ‘She’s the psychic and we are
her sidekicks.’ in the film. It is corny, but when everything is
gloomy and ghost-inhabited, even this line makes
you laugh. Elise this time goes back to her childhood home
to battle the creepy demon whose fingers…

Ugh! That was such a scary thing, but I laughed because
I made a stupid connect with South films where fingers are
shown caressing belly buttons in a similar way.

After that you’re just drawn into the world that the film
creates and whether you want to be chilled to the bones
is up to you, really. I love the fact that this film does not
scare you with eerie music or sudden sounds. This film
allows the cold fear to seep in slowly and envelop your

Violence in families has been touched briefly and I wish
there were more films dealing with the subject in the
genre. This film uses that very well.

Of course there is a hospital room scene where
contortions happen and there’s a scene with a bible…
These predictable things bring the fear quotient down.
And if we are on a ‘logic’ track, then do ghosts need
a lantern? Can they not see in the dark?
Can they actually hold objects?

Sigh. Ignore these niggly questions, and you will love
the film. And trust me, you’ll not want to rummage for
keys in your bag. What is that hand is attached
to your keys…

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