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Stale Fare Not Even Saif Can Save.

1.5 stars

Mini Review:

Saif Ali Khan is Jassi and he lives it up in London, then learns he’s dad. Not only that, he’s going to be grandpa too. The movie tries hard to make us feel, make us laugh, but we have seen too many older men pretending to be young irl, and too many movies where hero discovers he’s a dad, to be impressed… 

Main Review:

Unkle In Disco Alert!

What is more pathetic than an older single man in a club? Bollywood believes he’s going to get a PYT to come home with him. I mean seriously? Which world? Even Will Smith in Bad Boys cannot get into a niteclub, but this is Bollywood, where ‘Unkles in club’ score.

I puked into my popcorn, but it’s Saif Ali Khan, so I watched.

He pumps iron, rides a bicycle, gets his hair styled all the time (who colors their hair so much?), wears mid-life crisis clothes and burns his candle on both ends…

Hero Has Daughter Trope

‘You’re my daddy,’  says the young gal from the disco just as Saif is readying his bachelor pad to seduce her. 

Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher: Never Go Back goes through the same, and Colin Firth has to face his unknown estranged daughter in What A Girl Wants.

But this is Bollywood. But Saif does this well, and recovers rather well. But that’s it. The story just seems to stop here. No more twists, no more turns.

The young girl (decent debut Alaya F) moves in and does what freshly pregnant kids do, puke and create odd situations for her newly discovered dad.

The trouble with these events is that we don’t really get emotionally connected to either one of them. Even Mamma Mia, where there are three dads and the young girl doesn’t know which one is really the dad, even in that musical, we begin to care about the two young people who are going to get married.

Slow, Stale Train Wreck

Then Tabu shows up. Jangling with jewelry and a ridiculous lad in tow.

If I were Saif, I would have been less kind to a silly lad like that.  

Now Tabu is a fine actor and of course she tries to do the hippie mom thing. But Colin Firth’s hippe marriage in Morocco in What A Girl Wants is far funnier. 

Yes, there are Saif’s parents who vanish conveniently, a crooked real estate deal, and a perhaps love story between Saif and his hair dresser… Terribly tedious all this… Except that Saif really tries to hold it together. Then there’s Chunky Pandey who I want to kill because he pretends to have paralysis on getting a heart attack in the most overacted scene in the film. And that overacting gets Saif to make up his mind that he needs family? Ugh!

Baby Saves The Movie

Saif Ali Khan changing baby diaper and then cooing to the baby is the best thing about the film. 

It brought tears to my eyes to see him hold the baby. 

FDFS ka paisaa vasool.

I loved his bathrobe too. Everything else is just eminently forgettable.


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