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Review: Lootcase

I like Kunal Khemmu muchly, but how can there be so many smart alecks in one movie?

Rating: Blah

I watched the first 30 minutes waiting for smart dialog to end and movie to begin.

Then I fast forwarded the film… watching it in bits and pieces…

So this is not a review, but dil se niklee aah:

Q. Itne saare shaane log ek film mein kaise aaye?
A. Dialog writer ka revenge. Narration ke wakt hasaya sabko.

Q. Underworld/Bhai log itne stupid aur quirky hain toh how did they reach the top of their business?
A. Nat Geo subscribe karo.

Q. Why are kids in movies so annoying?
A. Bhagwan ki den hain.

Q. How do we know the situation is funny?
A. Background music batayegaa naa…

Q. Aisi filmein kaise ban jaatee hain?
A. You have to be a small town lad who lives with other lads (araam nagar?) and then koi bhi concept ho woh bik jaata hai,

Q. Suitcase full of cash concept naya hai kya?
A. Hollywood made a movie where an ordinary family transports an RV full of drugs, Bollywood has made many movies and the last funny movie was 99 Not Out which is a 2009 movie made by Raj and DK and there is a similar suitcase of cash that is misplaced…

verdict: there is so much content that you can watch on disney plus hotstar that is better than this thing. I feel for Kunal Khemmu.    

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