Review: Shaadi Par Zaroor Aana

Is Shaadi Se Door Bhaagna

1.5 stars

Mini Review:

Small town wedding where the boy and the girl love one another is interrupted when the girl realises that her in-laws won’t let her work, and she has just aced the prestigious government civil services exams. The groom suffers a loss of face, and he gets to avenge the insult when he shows up as the District Magistrate and presides over an investigation where she’s accused of corruption. Does love win? Or does revenge turns out to be sweeter?

Main Review:

Picturesque small town, mothers cutting vegetables at dining tables, parathas for breakfast, bride who wants to work but stern dad wants to get her married off, small town lad who speaks a English awkwardly but dreams of a bride who wears lingerie with mangal sutra, a bride who makes puris for groom in that same fantasy, uncles that bring shaadi ka rishta (wedding proposals) and are the ones who talk about dowry, fathers who get breathless clutching at their hearts when bad things happen, and runaway brides are cliches that even bad movies don’t want to touch…

Take a recently bankable star and a pretty girl in these cliches and throw in some ghastly romance: may i drink coffee from your cup? And drink noisily from exactly where your lipstick has left a mark on the cup… While the audience barfs into their popcorn the two lovebirds embark on what turns into a terrible, terrible film.

Mishras and Shuklas find themselves in the shaadi cliche and their houses get decorated in marigold chains and are lit up. The bride Aarti Shukla (Kriti Kharbanda) discovers that she’s cracked the state civil services exam when her sister discovers that her in-laws will never allow their ‘bahu’ who is ‘ghar ki izzat’ to work. of course the bride runs!

Heartbroken and annoyed at all the ‘be-izzati’ (insult to the family honor) the lad Satyendra Mishra aka Sattu (Rajkummar Rao in a role perhaps written for Ayushman Khurrana who does manage to play the small town heartbroken lad well) decides he’s going to be one-up on her and turns up as a District Magistrate (a senior Administrative Post) investigating a bribery case against her. Come on! Television soaps have more believable plot twists.

The film seems to drag on and on from this point where he seems to be happy to insult her in many different ways (totally unconstitutional behavior). The dead plot is then dragged through until it is reincarnated and dies again when the lawyer wearing a spy camera shows up helping him in the investigation. It is bad enough watching Rajkummar Rao behaving badly, but it is torture to see the runaway bride now wooing the lad who is pissed off and more determined than ever to never marry. You begin to empathise with the lad when she falls into his arms drunk, and you wish the security guard present with him goes postal and kills her.

How long is this film? The audience by now has sent for knives and amazon has delivered them at their seats… It’s like that Game Of Thrones wedding in the theatre…

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