This House Of Horrors Was A Fun Watch!

2.5 stars

Mini Review:

Far away in the foothills of the Himalayas, there are three angry spirits inhabiting a house. Oblivious to the spirits, a doc and his wife live next door. Trouble brews when a Christian family moves into the haunted house. This trouble is nothing new if you have watched horror, but it is a great fun watch. The horrific moments are really horrific.

Main Review:

Campy Horror Special!

Crucifixes that turn upside down, lights that crackle and fuse, and furniture is not just rearranged, but it floats too. You want to ask Is this evil spirit some sort of Interior Decorator?

Thankfully there are none of the silly sounds of creaking doors, creaking windows, lightning, sudden storms, suicidal crows, black Labradors, mirrors that crack, mirrors that are placed strategically so we don’t see the bhoot ka reflection…

But there are televisions that suddenly come on, tantriks and voodoo dolls, fireplaces where the ghost sits and combs hair (cool scary moment that is!), body that levitates when occupied by evil spirit, bodies that twist to abnormal angles when occupied by evil spirit, scars and wounds appear on body occupied by evil spirit, priest who tries exorcism gets slammed on the floor after being lifted by the spirit…

Dar Toh Laga Tha, Boss!

Oh yes! The evil spirits suddenly show up at the window and you discover how your breath leaves your tum in a whoosh once and the next time you feel suckerpunched. You are totally not prepared for the sudden appearance, and that’s a good thing. Also when the wife opens the lid of the water tank, you are like,’Yaar she’s going to get pushed into the water tank!’ But no! That’s not what happens. And neither are you expecting the spirit in the operation theatre…

Great Cast! Holy Bible Ki Kasam!

The priest, the tantrik, the servant, the piano playing dad, the annoying little kid are perfectly cast. Siddarth, Andrea Jeremiah and Atul Kulkarni are superb in their roles too, but the young Jenny is just perfect. Anisha Victor plays the precocious teen who is at once vulnerable as she is annoying. If I were evil spirit, I would choose to occupy her body too.

The cliches are put together very nicely and even though you’ve seen two pupils in the eyes of the human inhabited by an evil spirit you don’t mind it at all. The fact that the film makes even the most jaded horror film fan jump out of their socks for a few moments is good enough to earn its stars. This evil film has been shot with lots of love. But someone tell me why evil spirits only haunt Christian folk… Need to see a chudail haunting sometimes…    

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