Trope Ka Bazaar

2.5 Stars

Mini Review:

Four friends come together as grown ups when one of them,
Kalindi, decides to get married. The couple thinks it will be
a small, intimate do, but it turns out to be a great Indian
over the top shindig. The friends find their troubles magnified
under the glitter and after lots of boozy nights and days
discover how love triumphs all. You want to facepalm
several times but it’s all frothy and bubbly as Champagne…

Main Review:

Alas, You need a man for a shaadi… warna yeh ladkiyaan
hee Enough thee ji!

Kareena Kapoor is Kalindi Puri, hesitant about marriage because
she has seen how her parents fought and fought.

Sumeet Vyas is Rishab Malhotra who lives with her in Sydney
but because he’s ‘desi’ he wants to marry her. Kalindi says yes
and the two fly to India for the wedding.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja is Avni, a divorce lawyer (her mum is
played by the gorgeous Neena Gupta) who dreams of getting
married having kids and doing the whole family thing. Of course
she’s going to go through men like a sieve (and teenagers in the
theater are going to squeal and scream because a lad returns her
undies to her!) (grown ups will roll their eyes many times at the
predictability of it all)

Swara Bhaskar plays Sakshi Soni, the rich girl who owns a
Bentley, is a motormouth,  but is having a hard time in her
marriage because her husband catches her (Insert many
squeals from teenagers here). And yes, the trope is well played.

And as all movies go, you need a friend who is extra-large so
the writers can bung in politically correct things about not body
shaming someone. But Shikha Talsania carries her role rather
well, despite being called ‘Mother Dairy’ by her unkind friend.

Kitna Facepalm karoon? Predictability ka sale, Harrods
type tha, but…

As if this much predictability wasn’t enough, you have to add

Manoj Pahwa and Ayesha Raza as Rishab’s OTT parents who
are part of a large OTT family. There’s glitter and gota and shiny
lights and sequined dresses! That dress was the funnest thing
I have seen in a Hindi film. One star for Kareena Kapoor for
wearing it. And for sitting on the moon with Sumeet Vyas.

The other super scene, that earns it own half star is the child
imitating the mother scene. It goes on for too long, but it’s fun.

One half star for the beautiful red quilt in Bhandari’s room. He’s
too wonderfully sleazy to have such good taste. I expected a
Formula One or an English Premier League quilt.

Despite the predictability of the whole wedding, ‘problems’ these
poor little rich girls have (which can only be solved by girlfriends
and a trip to foreign lands), the film comes across as real when in
the last twenty minutes the pieces of these platinum edged puzzle
pieces begin to fall into place.

Of course Kareena Kapoor is delicious and an amazing actor. She
holds this trope bazaar together. In the end, love wins and there’s
a wedding and more partying and more boozing…   

(btw, wrote this review in my Desigual blue and white summer dress and Valentino Camustar rockstud leather slingbacks)
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