<div dir="ltr" trbidi="on"><div dir="ltr"><br></div><div dir="ltr"><span><b>Rather Fun. Thankfully Nothing Like Earlier Films</b></span></div><b><br></b><br><div dir="ltr"><span>2.5 Happy Stars</span></div><b><br></b><br><div dir="ltr"><span><i>Mini Review:</i></span><span> </span></div><b><br></b><br><div dir="ltr"><span><b>Spiderman is so much cooler, and sharper and smarter in this version than five earlier films. He’s not whiny, not mean, and he does not want to make you want to slap him because he’s unsure about who he is. Of course adding the Avengers to the formula makes the film that much sassier. Watch it!</b></span></div><b><br></b><br><div dir="ltr"><span><i>Main Review: </i></span></div><b><br></b><br><div dir="ltr"><span>First, a confession. I have hated the Spiderman because he’s a schoolboy who is good at nothing, and is plain rude to his uncle and aunt and MJ. Then Tobey Maguire’s  bulbous eyed awe and Andrew Garfield perpetually sullen expressions did not help. </span></div><b><br></b><br><div dir="ltr"><span>So went into the theatre with trepidation. I had liked Spiderman showing up in Captain America Civil War. Hopefully this Spiderman would have the same sass.</span></div><b><br></b><br><div dir="ltr"><span>And he does! Tom Holland who appeared as Spiderman in Captain America Civil War continues to be Peter Parker in this film. He’s under Tony Stark’s wing, his intelligent suit created by Avengers technology, but he’s still not officially an Avenger. </span></div><b><br></b><br><div dir="ltr"><span>Thankfully, he’s not whiny about it. He’s rebelling and stepping out every night. Mostly stumbling into situations which make you laugh. No, seriously. It is such a refreshing change to see a young lad who has powers that should give him his the superhero status he desperately wants, but is not accepted as one of the big guys for some reason. </span></div><b><br></b><br><div dir="ltr"><span>The movie picks up where the last Avengers movie left off. With New York destroyed by Loki’s hoards. Ultron’s avatars, someone has to salvage. Enter Michael Keaton. YES! The one and only! He adds the much needed spice to the Spiderman franchise with his vicious vulture wings. Spidey’s school too is more interesting than MJ tripping in the canteen or school kids bullying someone in the halls. Peter Parker is part of the school mind decathlon team. But his mind is not on anything. He’s waiting for that all important phone call from Ironman.</span></div><b><br></b><br><div dir="ltr"><span>Jon Favreau as Happy is the connect between Ironman and Spiderman, and Marisa Tomei is Aunt May, and you wish there was more of them both…</span></div><b><br></b><br><div dir="ltr"><span>The pace of the film is quite fast and furious. The story seems stretched in the middle, but then as all superhero films do, the end is swift and wonderful. All in all, a fun watch</span><br><span><br></span><span><br></span><span>PS: It's a Marvel franchise. Please wait for extra scenes after the film ends. Yes. Plural. 'Scenes'.</span><br><span> </span></div><br><div dir="ltr"><span>     </span></div><div><span><br></span></div></div>

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